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Maextro by Bluestonex Consulting is a SAP data management & governance solution enabling your business to maintain a transparent view of data processes within core ERP.


Fully integrated within your existing SAP ECC (and now S/4 Hana), leveraging SAP best practice and existing data structures, lowering TCO.

process driven

Stakeholder accountability to co-ordinate master data responsibilities transparently across the entire business network with Maextro’s own copyrighted workflow.  Configure workflow and data rules quickly and efficiently.

cost effective

Proactive management of master data through role-based, integrated user actions supported by Maextro’s pre-automated workflow and IMG rule engine (all easily configurable without the need for highly skilled resources typically required in data management solutions).


Broad out-of-the-box coverage for many SAP objects. Maextro is extendable, scalable and flexible with its powerful IMG so you can define and change your data model that can be propagated across the enterprise network.

Maextro is fully configurable to model your business requirements, business rules and workflows. Maextro enables users to create, maintain and consume reliable SAP data.



Upfield, our latest satisfied client, had this to say:

“Bluestonex team has been incredibly supportive and agile in getting us over the line in around 6 months time for three major data objects – Product, Customer and Vendor. Their passion, knowledge and experience has been immensely appreciated by our Associates involved in the project, who have learnt a lot and gained new skills and capabilities. We are now building on this good foundation to deliver further process and UX improvements for our business.” – Jaroslaw Chrupek – Global Director Master Data


Bluestonex have launched Business Partner eXperience, the portal that helps clients collaborate with their external business partners (customers/vendors) by ensuring data such as addresses & banking data are governed and fit for purchase.

The platform also enables data exchange such as questionnaires and surveys as well as capturing compliance data needed within the enterprise. The BPX platform can also take unstructured data such as email or images and interpreting and integrating them into other systems used downstream (examples of such are sales orders and invoices).

Bluestonex BPX is powered by Maextro and the SAP Business Technology Platform.


Bluestonex are the only UK partner to be awarded ‘Recognised Expertise in UX’ and, on Monday 5th July, were awarded SAP Gold Partner Status.


Following a successful pilot project, we have secured a new contract win with a large European food & beverage manufacturer & distributor. They have chosen to adopt Maextro to enable automated MDM & Governance, allowing them to redeploy their team of manual data inputters.

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maextro core engine


Extendable, scalable and flexible data model that supports complex master data objects, enabling your business to maintain a single master data repository that can be propagated across the enterprise network.

  • Core ABAP Engine.
  • Pre-configured Templates (RDS).
  • Workflow & Business Rules.
  • Lean Architecture (Native Integration).
  • Data Exchange Capabilities.


Make SAP screens more appealing, improve user experience and minimise training time without investing heavily into third party products.

  • Standard UI5 and Slipstream UI5 Apps
  • Data Health Apps
  • Duplicate check Apps
  • Self Service Apps

For our full list of applications please see the Master Data section of our application catalogue.


Access the right document in the right context is key to any business process. Maextro will manage such documents at every stage of your process.

  • SAP Content Server or Archive Link.
  • Link Documents to SAP Objects such as Material, Customers, BOM etc..
  • Version Management.
  • Document Approval Procedures.
  • Distributed Document Management.


Empower your remote users with data mobility through SAP Fiori mobile applications.

Accelerate time to value with Maextro for completing data maintenance tasks, approvals and reporting on the move!

  • Mobile Apps for Any Device, Anywhere.
  • Approve Requests via Mobile App.
  • Approve Data Update requests via Mobile Apps
  • Track workflow Tasks and ‘My Request’
  • Perform admin functions via Mobile Admin App
maextro master data mobile screenshot


Enhance and extend Maextro with SAP Business Technology Platform capabilities.

  • API’s for validating data (e.g. Bank Data)
  • Analytics via SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Machine Learning for Predictive Rules
  • Conversational AI & Chat Bots
  • HANA Cloud for alternative storage (consumer facing portal)
  • Cloud Launch Pad Services & Portals
  • SAP Business Technology Platform Integration (connecting SAP and Non SAP systems)


For more on how Cloud fits in with Maextro, contact us today.

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Our standard UI5 and core applications cover the main Maextro engine functions and render them in a combination of both Slipstream and UI5 technologies to give you the ‘Fiori’ experience.
data health
Our Health suite contains applications to help clean and maintain a healthy state of data. Help clean up legacy data ready for an S/4 migration, or simply clean up missing or duplicate data to streamline your processing using our ‘Align’ engine

We have extra apps which either extend the Maextro experience, or work separate from the core engine. These include product suites and self service portals.


maextro mobile screenshot
ipad analytics
  • Create Request

The Create request application handles your requests for data creation, change, extension and alignment. This is the entry point of the Maextro workflow process.

  • My Task List

The Task list is your hub for all Maextro tasks, whether they request approval, data gatherings, rejections or review tasks.

  • Approve Request

The approve request is a simple UI5 application available on mobile to approve/review/reject your Maextro reqeusts.

  • Data Gathering

The data gathering applications is where all your data entry happens. Developed in SAP Slipstream UI5 technology to take you away from the old excel spreadsheet entry and into the simple world of UI5 applications.

  • Track My Request

The track my request UI5 applications allows for simple tracking of your Maextro requests, allowing full transparency on your processing.

  • Data Request Log

The Data request log provides all things reporting for Maextro records. View the history of all previous and current requests and view every detail of them, allowing complete control over your changes.

  • Maextro Analytics

The Maextro analytics application is a simple chart application, allowing a more graphical approach to reporting compared to the usual excel / table based reporting.


As the name suggests, this is a report for your data’s health. With the option of setting up a secure connection to your ECC or S/4 system to obtain the data, or utilising an export program we deploy to your ECC system and importing to a Cloud based HANA DB. Currently available for Material Master and Business Partner records.

  • Data Health (UI5)

Our health reports comes with 2 UI options, the first of them is the UI5 option. Built using SAP Fiori guidelines on UI5 technology, providing a highly flexible set of reports available across all devices. Deployable to both Cloud and on-premise launchpads.

  • Data Health (SAC)

We also offer the same report in SAP Analytics Cloud, a more simple but detailed option of UI. A powerful level of filtering not available in the UI5 version, allowing for a more detailed level of reporting. Additional Licensing required and only available in the SAP Business Technology Platform.

DITTO Duplicate Check

A member of the Maextro family, but delivered as a standalone solution. Ditto is your all-in-one data duplicate and consistency check tool. Powerful algorithms power this simple application that gives you complete control over your search criteria. Search by multiple values and also define a match weighting, allowing searches for exact matches or similar records.

Currently available for customer and vendor records, allowing you to search by name, address, VAT and IBAN codes, Account group and tax code. Find business partners that are unique, duplicates, shared across systems, contain invalid or incorrect data and or Invalid BPs to help you streamline the archiving of data.


Powered by SAP Business Technology Platform

Whether you use SAP Business Partner or SAP Customer/ SAP Vendor processing within your enterprise, Maextro’s Business Partner Portal from Bluestonex helps you onboard and manage your vendors and customers data more efficiently and accurately. Using SAP Business Technology Platform, HANA Cloud, Portal and API services, the BP portal augments Maextro’s capabilities of control and governance around your BP data whilst giving a simplistic and powerful portal for collaboration.

All data submitted via your business partners will be held within Maextro’s powerful frame work for further enrichment and approvals and seamlessly integrated into SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA

BPX Ipad copy
Document Information Extraction copy

Vendor Onboarding. Registration and authentication with security and piece of mind. Triggered from your buyers via Maextro MDG, email notifications for registration are sent to your business partners. Easy onboarding and registration of admin users within your partners business. Once registered, approvals happen giving further control and a notification back to your partners for data enrichments and validation. API services are used in run time so vendors cannot get their data incorrect. Attachments can be requested and sent to each legal entity and controlled in a delightful UI. Questionnaires and certificate functionality is available as a framework for customising via low code Maextro & integration into Qualtrics.

All data submitted via your business partners will be held within Maextro’s powerful frame work for further enrichment and approvals.

Maextro BPX now offers Invoice upload for your suppliers. Our powerful Portal’s upload facility will use SAP BTP Document Information Extraction services that extract, recognise, match and post to SAP. Its powerful machine learning capabilities will learn as you receive more and more different types of invoice (PDF and Images) and seamlessly pass them to SAP ERP for posting. We are including exception report monitoring as well as workflow capabilities for approvals” Offered as a SaaS model for customers.

BPX Basic Info

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General information and blogs around master data, not specific to Maextro. Written by the Maextro team and the community. A one stop shop for all your SAP MDM knowledge needs.


Case studies and success stories for real life Maextro deployments. Find out other company’s struggles with SAP Master data and how Maextro helped overcome them.


Maextro videos ranging from technical run downs, to quick 30 second overviews of the engine, workflow, and even specific Maextro object processing. A quick way of learning the basics of Maextro.


Replays of previous webinars and news of upcoming ones.

  • Past Webinars
  • Upcoming Webinars


White paper documents including technical specifations, detail breakdowns of Maextro core functionality, process overviews and general deeper knowledge of Maextro.


In a modern SAP enterprise environment, the volume of information and business data assets is ever increasing with such value of information becoming ever more critical to daily business operations within an increasingly networked economy. Maextro enables your organisation in delivering more knowledgeable and streamlined data processes, ensuring that your data is fit for purpose in operations, strategic decision making, business analytics and forecast planning.

Operational Drivers
  • Reduce Cost of Data Admin.
  • Reduce non-SAP Interaction.
  • Standardise Business Processes.
  • Improve Product Time-to-Market.
  • Reduce Inventory Costs.

IT Drivers
  • Leverage Existing SAP Investment.
  • No Additional Hardware.
  • Scalable Solution.
  • Control System Changes.
  • Inherent IMG Configuration.

Risk & Compliance Drivers
  • Auditable & Traceable.
  • Accountability for Data.
  • Accurate/Reliable Structures.
  • Governance & Compliance.
  • Reduce Data Error & Duplication.

Adopt The Maextro Way

Improve the efficiency, integration and flexibility of your everyday SAP business processes today with Maextro.



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