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Learn how Maextro can empower your business users and simplify your SAP master data process, providing further operational insights for business process improvements.

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Creating SAP Material Masters made easy

Getting your SAP Data ready for S/4 Hana

Creating SAP Customer Masters made easy

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Maextro is fully configurable to model your business requirements, business rules and workflows. Maextro enables users to create, maintain and consume reliable SAP data.

Built on core SAP

Fully integrated within your existing SAP ECC (and now S/4 Hana), leveraging SAP best practice and existing data structures, lowering TCO.

Process Driven

Stakeholder accountability to co-ordinate master data responsibilities transparently across the entire business network.

Cost Effective

Proactive management of master data through role-based, integrated user actions supported by Maextro’s pre-automated workflow.


Broad out-of-the-box coverage for many SAP objects. Extendable, scalable and flexible data model that can be propagated across the enterprise network.

User-Centric SAP Interfaces

Simplistic SAP User Interfaces Reflective of Your Business Users Needs

Maextro utilises next generation SAP user experience principles and tools through web based service integration. Leveraging a process-centric driven approach, Maextro enables business representatives in efficiently executing everyday business-critical data processes and maintaining associated data object dependencies across the entire enterprise network.

  • Lean & Simple.
  • Design Thinking UI’s.
  • Cloud options (Blueskyx)

  • Role Based.
  • SAP Data Validation.

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SAP Enterprise Mobility

Empowering Remote SAP Business Users

Maextro’s mobile capabilities ensures that your remote business users can pro-actively maintain a single version of data truth across enterprise network boundaries. Users can simply request, approve and track all data requirements and workflow notifications through Maextro via native SAP Fiori applications.

  • Flexible Features.
  • Mobile/Tablet Friendly.

  • Relevant Data Only.
  • Reporting Capabilities.


In a modern SAP enterprise environment, the volume of information and business data assets is ever increasing with such value of information becoming ever more critical to daily business operations within an increasingly networked economy. Maextro enables your organisation in delivering more knowledgeable and streamlined data processes, ensuring that your data is fit for purpose in operations, strategic decision making, business analytics and forecast planning.

Operational Drivers
  • Reduce Cost of Data Admin.
  • Reduce non-SAP Interaction.
  • Standardise Business Processes.
  • Improve Product Time-to-Market.
  • Reduce Inventory Costs.

IT Drivers
    • Leverage Existing SAP Investment.
    • No Additional Hardware.
    • Scalable Solution.
    • Control System Changes.
    • Inherent IMG Configuration.

Risk & Compliance Drivers
  • Auditable & Traceable.
  • Accountability for Data.
  • Accurate/Reliable Structures.
  • Governance & Compliance.
  • Reduce Data Error & Duplication.



Reduction of manual keyed in entries


Fields populated by Maextro Business Rules

Maextro in the Cloud with Blueskyx


Blueskyx is our new service area allowing customers to choose Cloud, On premise, or a Hybrid of both services. We are helping you gain expertise & capability with the latest SAP UX & game changing technologies.

Using Maextro via the Blueskyx Cloud allows Maextro to be accompanied by the latest UX technologies such as text and or chat bots which compliment and streamline Maextro’s core functionality.

What you Get (5-in-1 Solution)

Taking Control of the Data that Fuels your Business

By deploying Maextro, your business can begin to realise the true value of data sources that can be consolidated, harmonised and enriched to underpin your SAP transactions and business processes. Through collaboration and ongoing customer engagement, Bluestonex’s proven implementation method provides a flexible framework for your business to define key data entities within a governance framework aligned specifically to your business roadmap. Maextro brings innovation and mobility across your enterprise without compromising data governance.


Extendable, scalable and flexible data model that supports complex master data objects, enabling your business to maintain a single master data repository that can be propagated across the enterprise network.

  • Core ABAP Engine.
  • Pre-configured Templates (RDS).
  • Workflow & Business Rules.
  • Lean Architecture (Native Integration).
  • Data Exchange Capabilities.
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Make SAP screens more appealing, improve user experience and minimize training time without investing heavily into third party products.

  • Next Generation UI.
  • Customise Screen Layouts.
  • Corporate Branding.
  • Intuitive, Web Browser Access.

Access the right document in the right context is key to any business process. Maextro will manage such documents at every stage of your process.

  • SAP Content Server or Archive Link.
  • Link Documents to SAP Objects such as Material, Customers, BOM etc..
  • Version Management.
  • Document Approval Procedures.
  • Distributed Document Management.
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Empower your remote users with data mobility through SAP Fiori mobile applications.

Accelerate time to value with Maextro for completing data maintenance tasks, approvals and reporting on the move!

  • Mobile Apps for Any Device, Anywhere.
  • Create & Approve Data Requests Remotely.
  • Track & Send Reminders for Pending Workflow Tasks.
  • View Documents Through “My Inbox”.
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  • Predictive Analytics
  • Additional Data storage
  • API’s
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning


Crediton Dairy Ltd – learn how a leading FMCG company improved their product time to market through simplifying their material data management processes.

Large UK & European Food and Drink Company – Learn how a leading FMCG company introduced governance to their data model and improved their manufacturing data steps for SAP BOM & Routing’s through streamlining & simplifying via Maextro.

Adopt the Maextro way!

During this engagement with Bluestonex, design thinking & agile methodology was adopted as it was evident from day 1 that such approach would immensely help achieve the right process via several short playback / iterations.  This helped the end user audience and super users understand the change impact and reduced the overall implementation time.

Business System Manager , Large UK & European Food and Drink Company

A perfect solution to manage master data processes and associated artwork documents. By adopting Maextro, we have been able to track master data requests more efficiently thereby, reducing the risks of delays with product to market.  

Benjamin Evans, IT Manager., Crediton Dairy Ltd

Adopt The Maextro Way

Improve the efficiency, integration and flexibility of your everyday SAP business processes today with Maextro.



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