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Data Processing Applications for MDM

Our standard UI5 & core applications create an innovative environment for your data to build trust in business data and transform how colleagues use it. Deploy in days, get ROI in weeks.

No-Code Configuration

Maextro is unique in the world of MDM. It’s the only no-code UI5 MDM Solution that exists. Anyone that knows UI5 will tell you it has the best user interface, but you first need to go through the pain of coding what you need. Maextro bypasses this with a simple entry into the no-code menu, from which everything else responds!

But why is no-code UI5 so good?

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Our Data Processing Apps

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Robust Request Creation

The Create Request application handles your requests for data creation, change, extension and alignment. This is the entry point of the Maextro workflow and kick starts your data gathering and approval process. Comes delivered in standard GUI Transactions, or simple UI5 applications via the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform). Also includes capability of non SAP users to create requests in SAP via the Maextro bot iRPA services by submitting a spreadsheet via e-mail.

See the Maextro Bot in action by clicking the button below.

Effortless Approve Request

The Approve Request application does as the name suggests. Sent to the relevant configurable owner groups, approve request approves, rejects, or sends the create request back to the requestor for review.

Add attachments or comments to communicate with the next or previous users in the process, and confirm the information from the requestor is correct before approving for further data collection.

Comes delivered in standard GUI transaction, or a simple UI5 application via the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) that allows you to action approvals on a mobile device!

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Responsive Request Log

The Request Log provides all things reporting for Maextro records. View the history of all previous and current requests and view every detail of them, allowing complete control over your changes.

Comes delivered in standard GUI transactions or simple UI5 applications via the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) for mobile responsiveness and a better user experience.

Powerful Task List

The Task List is your hub for all Maextro tasks. Powerful filters allow easy sorting between your pending tasks, whether they be approvals, reviews, data gathering tasks or final SAP approvals.

Intuitive visuals allow you to easy determine upcoming overdue tasks, high priority tasks or tasks previously started but pending completion.

This powerful application is available as a standard SAP GUI transaction, or as simple UI5 application via the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

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Advanced Request Tracking

The track my request UI5 applications allows for simple tracking of your Maextro requests.

This allows full transparency of your process, whether it simply be knowing where in the process the request sits, or more detailed information including the current assigned user and the ability to send out reminders.

This application comes delivered as a mobile responsive application via the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform). Identify bottlenecks and roadblocks with ease.

Intelligent Analytics

The Maextro analytics application is a simple but powerful reporting application, allowing for a more graphical view of all things Maextro, providing a simple insight into basic information such as the number of open vs closed requests, number of requests by object or template, or more detailed information such as overdue tasks by process, interface errors, or trends for your rejections.

Identify problem locations or bottlenecks to drive improvements to your process and increase user adoption / efficiency.

This UI5 application comes delivered via the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) with mobile responsiveness.

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Intuitive iRPA

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that mimic human actions interacting with digital systems and software.

Bots can do things like understand what’s on a screen, complete the right keystrokes, navigate systems, identify and extract data, and perform a wide range of defined actions.

Introducing a new entry point to your Maextro requests. Utilising the Maextro bot you can easily create Maextro requests without accessing an SAP system. Simply populate your data into a spreadsheet and submit via e-mail.

Using iRPA services, the Maextro bot will then create the request and apply business rules and logic behind the scenes, which then feeds into the rest of your Maextro process as normal. Automate your create process today!

• Maextro Bot can work with both primary & secondary master data
• Low Code & Configurable
• Cloud based & Connected to your SAP ERP
• Can be integrated into our Business Partner Portal (BPX)
• Can be used with Excel & Email
• Success and failure messages can be tracked and sent, via email, to requestors

How we are making MDM simpler

Data consumption in modern Enterprises is increasing, but consideration of how it is utilised isn’t. This is the perfect combination for master data errors to occur, resulting in potential wider organisational problems.

Maextro was built with this in mind whilst also being conscious of the fact that MDM solutions are traditionally manual and tedious. Maextro was built to be different, enabling your organisation to create and maintain a trusted, transparent view of master data information and easily propagate core information to support your key processes. Maextro marries governance with automation to create data harmony in the enterprise environment.

What does this translate to in practice?


Maextro Technical Specification

Browse all the technical specifications around Maextro, including installation, compatible SAP applications and more. Click below to find the full specification.

Discover innovative data processing first hand

Your business has unique complexities and processes which can shift requirements. Maextro is always able to flex to whatever requirements are needed, no matter the complexity. Discover Maextro in practice by arranging a free demo at a time that suits you. Click below to reserve your place.