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Business Partner Experience

Whether you use SAP Business Partner or SAP Customer/ SAP Vendor processing within your enterprise, Maextro’s Business Partner Portal from Bluestonex will help you onboard and manage your vendors and customers data more efficiently and with greater accuracy.


Business Partner Experience by Bluestonex is your all-in-one onboarding tool. Designed to make onboarding vendors or customers as streamlined as possible, BPX uses SAP Business Technology Platform, HANA Cloud, Portal and API services to augment Maextro’s capabilities of control and governance around your BP data, giving you a simple yet powerful portal for collaboration.

All data submitted via your business partners will be held within Maextro’s powerful frame work for further enrichment and approvals and seamlessly integrated into SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA.

If you have already purchased MDG for Business Partner, then Maextro’s BPX solution simply bolts on top via SAP Business Technology Platform, giving you seamless integration to business partners connected to your enterprise.


BPX Basic Info


Vendor Onboarding. Registration and authentication with security and peace of mind. Triggered from your buyers via Maextro MDG, email notifications for registration are sent to your business partners. Easy onboarding and registration of admin users within your partners business. Once registered, approvals happen giving further control and a notification back to your partners for data enrichments and validation. API services are used in run time so vendors cannot get their data incorrect. attachments can be requested and sent to each legal entity and controlled in a delightful UI. Questionnaires and certificate functionality is available as a framework for customising via low code Maextro & integration into qualtrics.

All data submitted via your business partners will be held within Maextro’s powerful frame work for further enrichment and approvals.


Maextro BPX now offers Invoice upload for your suppliers. Our powerful Portal’s upload facility will use SAP BTP Document Information Extraction services that extract, recognise, match and post to SAP. Its powerful machine learning capabilities will learn as you receive more and more different types of invoice (PDF and Images) and seamlessly pass them to SAP ERP for posting. We are including exception report monitoring as well as workflow capabilities for approvals” Offered as a SaaS model for customers.

BPX Basic Info


Your data will only be uploaded to SAP after the approval steps have been completed, meaning that no bad or incorrect data is likely to get past our Business Partner Experience without your say so.

Real-time verification of postcode/address, company registration, VAT number and IBAN number come as standard and we can create custom checks based on your needs. This will allow you to avoid costly mistakes, saving you time, money, man power and stress.


An introduction to the architecture, the SAP BTP services used, the API’s used and security features so you know exactly where BPX sits and how it functions.

Business Partner Portal’s Technical Specification Document can be downloaded using the button below.

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