As part of our mission at Bluestonex, we aim to embrace and explore to the fullest the cutting edge technologies of SAP UX. We believe the user experience when interacting with an SAP system should be an exciting one and its interface should be delightful to look at.

With this goal in mind, we have designed a set of rapid deployment Apps that work out of the box with your company’s Maextro solution.

Fiori Master Data

These Apps are developed following the award-winning SAP Fiori Design guidelines and were crafted with the end-user in mind. They offer a fast and beautiful unified experience across all mobile devices and all modern desktop browsers.

Built on the market-tested SAPUI5 framework, the Maextro Fiori Apps adhere to Web Standards and comply with all SAP product standards including security, globalisation, accessibility and performance.

Our team of Design Thinkers and Innovators have collected feedback and user testimonies from Maextro’s customers and thoroughly analysed them to envision a pleasant humanised experience as the front face for our innovative Data Governance technology.

Adopt the Maextro way powered by SAP Fiori. Great technology deserves a great user experience.

Our Journey into Product Development – Introducing Maextro

We’re Bluestonex and we love to craft new ideas and innovative solutions….Yes we do the ‘blue sky’ thinking and then (dependant on how crazy we get) we add a touch of pragmatism.  Well I guess that’s my approach as I like to challenge ideas occasionally as I am always trying to understand the consumer or end user of the service or product we start talking about and designing for.

The point is; we love working with people using Design Thinking approaches for innovation / problem solving and this story is a brief blog on how we created one of our first products called ‘Maextro’.

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Introducing Maextro”