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Data Modelling

The Maextro data model is a an abstract model that organises elements of a data process and explains how they relate to one another.

What is a Maextro Data Model?

A Maextro Data Model explains the process, the views and the fields that each user can interact with as well as which rules are applied to data at the appropriate data steps.

In our methodology, the first objective of the model is to capture the process owners, data gatherers and approvers involved in the process. The second objective is to capture the fields required within each form that the user will populate (these are called views). The third objective is to capture relevant data rules for the fields (examples: make field x mandatory, conditional values and default values etc.).

As part of our methodology our services team are trained in data processes and their typical data models. We are here to help the client but also challenge existing data processes using a hybrid/agile style.

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