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Data Quality & Health

Our Health suite contains applications to help clean and maintain a healthy state of data. Clean up your legacy data ready for an S/4 migration, or simply clean up missing or duplicate data to streamline your processing using our ‘Align’ engine

Why Clean Your Data?

In simple terms, clean data keeps your business running. Being able to view accurate, up-to-date data gives you the confidence to make those important business decisions, safe in the knowledge that bad data isn’t going to come back to bite you.

Our Data Health Solutions

DITTO - Duplicate Check

A member of the Maextro family, but delivered as a standalone solution. Ditto is your all-in-one data duplicate and consistency check tool. Powerful algorithms power this simple application that gives you complete control over your search criteria. Search by multiple values and also define a match weighting, allowing searches for exact matches or similar records.

Currently available for customer and vendor records, allowing you to search by name, address, VAT and IBAN codes, Account group and tax code. Find business partners that are unique, duplicates, shared across systems, contain invalid or incorrect data and or Invalid BPs to help you streamline the archiving of data.


Maextro’s new Align functionality allows you to quickly and efficiently correct any missing or incorrect data in your SAP system. Identify misaligned data records en masse, either manually, or as a background process using a thorough yet simple selection criteria. This allows corrections to be made to user specified ranges or groups of records.

Align boasts a powerful rules based engine with pre-delivered rules, plus functionality to create your own custom rules. A collaborative workflow enables security and validation on the requested changes with a final approval triggering the update to SAP.

Deployment on-premise or in the cloud, with UI options including SAP GUI, SAP Screen Personas and SAP UI5.

Data Health X

Data Health X by Bluestonex is a reporting tool for your data’s health. With the option of setting up a secure connection to your ECC or S/4 system to obtain the data, or utilising an export program we deploy to your ECC system and importing to a Cloud based HANA database. Currently available for Material Master and Business Partner Records.

Data Health X will give you a high level breakdown of the state of your data. Providing an insight into information such as the number of records created / changed over periods of time, broken down into categories such as material type or group for material, or Account group or BP role for Business Partner; as well as used vs not used records which give you the ability to identify records relevant for archiving.

Data Survey

The Bluestonex Data Maturity Index is a framework to measure how organisations use data. This framework is an attempt to understand data strategy, data governance, data quality, data velocity, the processes affected by data, and finally the user experience for those who maintain data in the organisation. The Data Maturity Index is a number between 1 and 5 and is visualised by a gauge chart.

We send out a Data Maturity survey to the users who primarily deal with data. In this survey, we wish to gain an insight into how the organisation uses data. We are interested in data strategy, data governance, data quality, data velocity, the processes affected by data, and finally the user experience for those who maintain data in the organisation. It takes about 10 mins to complete the survey and all the responses are confidential.

The Bluestonex Data Maturity Index can be analysed with the help of a dashboard where an overall score is given based on the data collected by the survey. In addition to this, we analyse each area and provide a score for them (data strategy, data governance, data quality, data velocity, the processes, and user experience). All these scores are out of 5 and give a better understanding of the current state of data in the organisation. The dashboard also gives an insight into the survey audience and analyses a few of the responses under each category.

Data Survey is available as both a product or a service.

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