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BPX Digital Catalogue

Whether you are a supplier, vendor, distributor or other, Maextro’s Digital Product Catalogue will help empower suppliers and optimise your supply chain.

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Transform distributor relationships, get products on shelves faster

The BPX Digital Catalogue serves as a transformative force in distributor relationships, streamlining processes and expediting product placement. Through its innovative platform, communication between manufacturers and distributors becomes seamless, enhancing efficiency. This leads to swifter decision-making, reduced lead times, and ultimately faster product arrival on retail shelves. The catalogue’s user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and deep technical info empower distributors to optimise their operations and inventory management. As a result, the BPX Digital Catalogue plays a pivotal role in accelerating the entire supply chain, ensuring products reach shelves promptly and efficiently, meeting consumer demands effectively.

UI5 & Low Code

Combining the stylish, user-friendly framework with a low-code installation and deployment expedites the set-up time & training time. This lets users get on with the job in hand faster, enhances those distributor relationships and ensures a speedy ROI.

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Deeper Product Info

Name, category, EAN code, weight, cost & max lot size. Just a handful of the many ways your products can be broken down in Digital Catalogue. Deeper product information enables your distributors to efficiently approve products and enables better filtering for repeat purchases.

Approval Based Updates

Distributors never have to worry about missing out on a new product or product changes to be aware of. Any changes or new products are automatically submitted for approval before being introduced to the catalogue. This ensures accountability and traceability within your supply chain procurement.

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Mass Uploads

Vendors can quickly upload products on mass via an excel based template. This makes set-up and ongoing use simple and effective. Reducing manual input time enables a focus on areas of further strategic importance.

Fully integrated with SAP

Products introduced within the Digital Product Catalogue are also added to SAP as standard. This creates a cohesive view across the value chain landscape, unlocking consistency and efficiency at every step, not just procurement.

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One-stop solution for product purchasing

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Expediting product time to market

BPX Digital Catalogue accelerates time to market, streamlining numerous challenges into one efficient process. The outcome? Faster product shelving—a triple win for vendors, distributors, and customers

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Improved vendor/ distributor relationships

Collaborative partnerships yield improved pricing, discounts, and product quality, nurturing innovation through shared insights. Positive vendor relationships prioritise businesses, ensuring smoother operations and prompt issue resolution.

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Efficiency in process

BPX Digital Catalogue optimises vendor-distributor collaboration, expediting product launches. It eliminates bottlenecks and seamlessly manages mass uploads and updates, ensuring uninterrupted supply chain flow.

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Resilience in supply chain

The BPX Digital Catalogue bolsters supply chain resilience through streamlined communication and efficient inventory management, promoting adaptability during disruptions.

Installation and deployment

To deploy the Digital Product Catalogue (DPC) system, a dual approach involving both cloud deployment and integration with SAP ECC/S4HANA is essential.

In the cloud environment, the DPC application is encapsulated as an mtar (multi-target application archive) file, facilitating effortless deployment across diverse customer Business Technology Platform (BTP) cloud instances. This ensures compatibility and accessibility across various cloud environments.

To establish seamless connectivity, crucial destinations are configured within the BTP, enabling efficient communication and data exchange between the DPC application and associated components.

On the SAP ECC/S4HANA side, the integration unfolds with the movement of SAP-related packages. This is achieved through Transport Request (TR) files, enabling the smooth transfer of essential elements to support the DPC functionality within the SAP system.

This comprehensive approach harmonises the DPC implementation process. The cloud-based deployment optimises accessibility and flexibility, while the integration with SAP ECC/S4HANA ensures the necessary backend support for a robust and fully functional Digital Product Catalogue system.

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Digital Product Catalogue FAQs

A digital product catalogue is a digitalised presentation of a collection of items or products, typically including images, descriptions, and details. It serves as an electronic counterpart to traditional printed catalogues, accessible via digital devices and online platforms.

A catalogue is employed to exhibit a diverse range of products to potential customers. It imparts essential information about product features, specifications, and pricing, aiding consumers in making informed purchase decisions. Additionally, catalogues function as marketing tools, elevating brand visibility and influencing consumer choices.

• Compile Product Information in Excel template: Gather comprehensive details, high-quality images, pricing, and specifications of vendor products.
• Mass upload to BPX Digital Catalogue: Input into BPX Digital Catalogue or software that aligns with your requirements, considering factors like customisation options and compatibility.
• Approval: Get product approvals sorted so that they can be used by distributors.
• User-Friendly Optimisation: Tailor intuitive navigation and search functions, enabling users to easily locate and explore vendor products.
• Leverage better vendor relationships: Utilise the streamline processes to benefit from better working relationships with distributors and other customers.

• High-Quality Visuals: Utilise clear, high-resolution images that showcase vendor products vividly from various angles.
• Detailed Descriptions: Provide in-depth, accurate product descriptions, highlighting key features, benefits, and specifications.
• Effective Categorisation: Organise vendor products logically into categories and subcategories, simplifying navigation for users.
• Regular Updates: Maintain the catalogue's relevance by adding new vendor products and removing outdated ones, as well as adjusting prices when necessary.
• Shareability: Enable users to easily share specific product pages or the entire catalogue via social media or email.
• Accessibility Considerations: Ensure the digital catalogue adheres to accessibility standards, making it usable for individuals with disabilities.
• Vendor Collaboration: Involve vendors in the catalogue creation process to ensure accurate representation and updated product information.