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Migration to S/4HANA

Ditto, Align and S/4HANA. They fit together seamlessly. Migration to S/4HANA doesn’t need to be painful or put off. Make migration a dream with Maextro and its tools.

maextro & s/4hana integration

A big change is coming to the SAP ERP world. As of 2027, ECC will be unsupported. S/4HANA will become the new standard ERP for all businesses.

For the largest companies, migrations to S/4HANA can take well over two years- much of this time by checking and processing the sheer volume and quality before migrating.

It’s essential to get this right for S/4 as it’s much more expensive than ECC and charged on a basis of how much space is required. Businesses need to prioritise the data taken across.

This is where Maextro helps. Maextro makes migration easy this with its Align functionality, allowing you to correct any missing or incorrect data in your SAP system, and with the help of Ditto, your all-in-one data duplicate and consistency check tool.

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Maextro delivers...

Maextro enables data compliance and conformity through automation. Streamlining Master Data processes, ensures data that is fit for purpose across all operations enabling strategic decision making, via trusted business analytics and forecast planning.

Reduction in cost of data administration through automation.
Standardised business processes for efficiency & compliance
Improved product Time-to-Market.
Reduced inventory costs.
Accountability for Data
Governance & Compliance
Reduction in data errors & duplication.


Ditto is an application offered as a service on SAP Cloud Platform and powered by HANA Cloud, which churns data, predicts potential duplicates based on smart algorithms, and delivers business insight on the current state of Master Data. DITTO also offers powerful selection criteria, and simplified ways to analyse your data.

Data upload
Duplicate check
Action duplicates


Align is one of the tools of Maextro and the only one of its kind on the market. Align is the ultimate cleansing tool and exists to identify all misaligned data records in one go. It does this by possessing a powerful rule-based engine. Rules come pre-delivered but can also be configured to the needs of the organisation.

Remediate SAP data
Rule based queries
Background Processing
Mass Correction