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SAP Master Data

Today’s Reality of Master Data Business Challenges…

In a modern SAP enterprise environment, the volume of information and business data is ever increasing & becoming more critical to daily business operations.

Core SAP Master Data entities (such as customer, vendor, material, employee & financial) provide a single point of reference for key business information which is pivotal to every business application, transaction, report and ultimately, decision executed by business users within a ERP environment.

Despite this, many organisations often face daily challenges in efficiently managing their SAP Master Data within a SAP environment. Compounding this problem, organisations are often maintaining multiple records of key master data entities internally in operational silos, differing source software applications and peripheral IT systems.


  • Disparate system maintenance
  • High levels of master data turnover
  • High data management costs
  • Support call resolution cost


  • No single trusted material view
  • Slower product development cycles
  • Increased inventory handling costs
  • Manufacturing errors and downtime
  • Bill of materials data leakage
  • Inefficient plant-level operations


  •  Fragmented vendor management
  • Sub-optimal supplier determination
  • Lack of visibility in supplier relationships
  • Difficulty in maintaining contractual
  •   compliance


  • Lack of customer transparency
  • Long quotation cycles
  • Long order fulfilment cycles
  • Inconsistencies in revenue forecasts